AKA: Her Divine Excellency
Species: Skrull
Hair: Violet
Affiliations: Skrull Empire
Rogue of: Power Girl
Abilities: Swordsmanship
Weaponry: Laser-rapier

Empress Veranke is the August Holy Majesty of the Skrull Empire.


Veranke is born from noble blood and rise to become Empress of the Skrull Empire.

Background informationEdit

In Marvel Comics, Veranke was a princess from the Tyeranx 7 province in the Skrull Empire. She heeded words of the Skrull prophecies of the Skrull throneworld destroyed by Galactus and the need to take "a world of blue" as their new home. However, she was banished into exile for her defiance when she demanded the current Skrull King to be overthrown for not heeding the prophecies. Years later, the Skrull throneworld is destroyed by Galactus, Devourer of Worlds. The next prophecy fulfilled, the Skrull elevated Veranke as their Queen who then played a significant role in the events of Secret Invasion as she leads her empire to invade and conquer Earth. At the climax of the invasion, Veranke was killed by Norman Osborn.

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