Real name: Lonnie Lincoln
Species: Metahuman
Hair: Bleach
Eyes: White
Base: New York City
Affiliations: Kingpin
Rogue of: Spider-Man
Abilities: Superhuman strength and invulnerability

Tombstone is an enforcer for the Kingpin. He possess some superhuman strength and invulnerability, and is notable for his alabaster skin and sharpened teeth.


Lonnie Lincoln gained his powers from falling into a vat of chemicals that gave his albino-like appearance and inhuman strength. As Tombstone, he became the Kingpin's right-hand man.

Tombstone observed Quicksilver's crime spree and offered him a job in working for the Kingpin. However, Quicksilver's spree was put to a stop by Superman, Spider-Man, and the X-Men. Tombstone discreetly witnessed Quicksilver's capture and personally notified his boss, especially concerning the Man of Steel himself. Tombstone was present during Superman's visit to the Kingpin, whom the hero refused to be bought out by the crime lord to look the other way.[1]

Tombstone, alongside with Doctor Octopus and Hammerhead, later participated in capturing and interrogating Spider-Man for information regarding to Superman. Shortly later however, Superman appear before them with Siryn in tow. Tombstone was beaten by Siryn, but was able to escape when the Kingpin provided a distraction for Superman.[2]

Tombstone later traveled to Gotham City with the Kingpin on smuggling matters with the Joker. The negotiation with the Joker immediately fell apart and after coming into conflict with Spider-Man, Superman and the Batman, the Kingpin ordered him and the rest of his goons to leave Gotham.

Background informationEdit

In Marvel Comics, Tombstone was Lonnie Thompson Lincoln who was born as an albino and gained his powers as a result of a mutagenic reaction to an experimental preservative gas absorbed into his bloodstream. The Last Son version of Tombstone is based on his incarnation in the Spider-Man: The Animated Series, who was not an albino and accidentally fell into a vat of chemicals that gave him his appearance and powers.

"The Writer With No Name" had previously mistaken Tombstone's real name as Morrie Bench, who is also the alter ego of Spider-Man villain Hydro-Man.


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