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The Last Son by Dylan Seaward (aka "The Writer With No Name") began as a crossover fan-fiction of Superman and X-Men: Evolution. It quickly expanded to include various Marvel characters such as the Avengers and later expanded again to include various DC characters such as the Justice League. Characters that possess multiple continuities are adapted while others have their back stories altered to integrate the two universes together. 

  • Book One: Gatherings - The story of Superman beginning a new life at the Xavier Institute while covertly preventing disasters. Most of the story is Superman's effects on the X-Men and the plot loosely follows X-Men: Evolution. The main villain Magneto attempts to force Superman to lead mutantkind to victory over humanity.
  • Book Two: Reckonings - New characters are introduce considerably and sets up the formation of the Justice League. It also introduces Superman's love interest. The plot diverges considerably from X-Men: Evolution. The primary villain is Doctor Doom but as well as other villains that have made significant impacts.
  • Book Three: Changes - The world adjusting to the existence of mutants, Superman, and his independent Justice League. Even more characters are introduce and various factions attempt to bring down Superman. Three-quarters through the story leads to the Shi'ar, Kree, and Skrulls to invading Earth simultaneously in a race to seize the Kryptonian technology Superman possesses.
  • Book Four: Destinies - In the wake of General Zod's betrayal, Superman, the Justice League, and the X-Men find their world threatened again, by evils more terrible than anything they have ever faced, as the Rise of Apocalypse and his growing army prepare for a holy war against Humanity.

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