The Last Son, Book Two: Reckonings is the second volume of the The Last Son series.


In his second year at the Institute, the young Man of Steel must deal with new friends, new foes, and growing public curiosity.


Chapter 1. The Return
Chapter 2. Siryn's Song, Part I
Chapter 3. Siryn's Song, Part II
Chapter 4. From the Ashes
Chapter 5. With Friends Like These
Chapter 6. Bedazzled
Chapter 7. Fitting In
Chapter 8. Friends Indeed
Chapter 9. Date Night
Chapter 10. Beast Within
Chapter 11. Home
Chapter 12. Angels
Chapter 13. Stormy Weather
Chapter 14. Night on the Town
Chapter 15. War Wounds
Chapter 16. Strange Things
Chapter 17. Crashdance
Chapter 18. Darkest Knight
Chapter 19. Fish Story, Part I
Chapter 20. Fish Story, Part II
Chapter 21. A Boy and his Dog, Part I
Chapter 22. A Boy and his Dog, Part II
Chapter 23. Hexed
Chapter 24. Space Case
Chapter 25. The First Hurrah
Chapter 26. Accused
Chapter 27. Zero Hour, Part I
Chapter 28. Zero Hour, Part II
Chapter 29. Zero Hour, Part III
Epilogue: Public Relations