Thanagarian military armor

Female and male Thanagarians in armour.

The Thanagarians are a race of winged humanoids native to the planet Thanagar.


As an offshoot of the Avians, the Thanagarians are humanoids with bird-like features, the most notable being the wings on their backs. Outwardly, their physical appearance is very similar to Earth's humans, but their physical attributes are much higher, giving them superhuman strength and endurance.


The Thanagarians were closely related to the Avians, the race that composed the vast majority of the Shi'ar Empire; both peoples had descended from birds. But unlike the Avians, the people of Thanagar had retained the bird-wings of their precursors.

The Thanagarians were renown for crafting Nth metal weapons that can negate magic; In ancient times, Thanagar was plagued by dark sorcery in which every Thanagarian soldier carried such a weapon.

The Thanagarians' home planet was threatened to be conquered and forcefully annexed by the Shi'ar Empire. At the time, the Shi'ar were planning to use the Kryptonian World-Gate network in order to annex Thanagar; however, the Kryptonians had denied the Shi'ar from using it, and locked down the network, starting the Krypton-Shi'ar War. In a way, the Thanagarians owed the Kryptonians in gratitude for saving their planet.

The Thanagarians had a very tense and antagonistic diplomatic relationship with the Gordanians from Gordania; in which relations were eventually broken down. As the Thanagarians are a member of the Galactic Confederacy, Councillor Winema Wazzo and the rest of the Confederacy tried to negotiate a settlement with the Gordanians; however, the Gordanians weren't completely swayed from attacking Thanagar. As such, the Thanagarian government are in doubts that their situation with the Gordanians would resolve peacefully. When learning that Superman, the last Kryptonian, was on Earth, the Thanagarian High Command saw that the Kryptonian knowledge had survived with him and believed that allying with Superman would allow him to share his technology with the Thanagarians to counter the Gordanians. Hawkgirl was initially dispatched to Earth to offer Superman refuge until the High Command had changed their plans in having Hawkgirl, who had then became a founding member of the Justice League, to befriend him and curry his favor for the Thanagarians, despite her reluctance.

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Thanagarians are a species from the DC Universe where in The Last Son version they are related to the Shi'ar as a sub-race with a common ancestor. Like their original counterparts, the Thanagarians have a strong hostility towards Gordanians.