Sabertooth (X-Men Evolution)
Real name: Victor Creed
Species: Human Mutant
Hair: Brown-blond
Relatives: Raven Darkholme (ex-lover)
Graydon Creed (son)
Affiliations: Magneto, Acolytes
Rogue of: Wolverine, X-Men
Abilities: Regenerative healing factor;

Superhuman sense, strength, stamina, agility, and reflexes;
Retractable claws;

Sabretooth, real name Victor Creed, is a violent mutant brawler who has a deep enmity against Wolverine. Little is revealed about Sabretooth except that he had some involvement with Wolverine and Weapon X, and that he is one of Magneto's most loyal followers.


Nothing is known much about Victor Creed who would become Sabretooth. In the past he had a brief sexual affair with the mutant shapeshifter Mystique, and siring their son Graydon Creed. Graydon was left under Sabretooth's care, whom he mistreated his son who would grew to hate his parents, and eventually extends his hatred to all mutants. He later becomes leader of the mutant-hating organization Friends of Humanity.

Sabretooth would later come into conflict with Superman while attacking Wolverine; in which he was caught totally surprised of the young hero's strength and was, in his words, nearly "sent [him] into orbit". His defeat caused Sabretooth to include another animosity towards the Man of Steel.[1]

He would later be unwillingly summoned to help a former Weapon X scientist in capturing Wolverine and turning themselves into mutant-slayers. Sabretooth was eventually broken free of his mental conditioning by Nightcrawler and Shadowcat.[2]

On Asteroid M, Sabretooth was present with the Brotherhood and witnessed Superman's weakness to Kryptonite. Sabretooth relished the opportunity to beat the helpless superhero, but was stringently forbade from harming Superman by Magneto. Sabretooth later then has his powers enhanced by Magneto mutant-enhancing chamber that gave him a feline-like appearance. When Superman was broken free by the X-Men, Sabretooth found him and dropped him off of Asteroid M, fulfilling his vengeance; however, Superman deliberately allowed that to happened in order to be bathed and rejuvenated his powers under Earth's sun. Sabretooth was defeated by Wolverine and Superman, which the latter punched him all the way through Asteroid M and into the ground. Sabretooth survived his ordeal and regressed back to his normal state.[3]

After the destruction of Asteroid M, Sabretooth hiked a half-year journey back to civilization.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Sabretooth possesses the same healing factor as Wolverine, and thus he is able to recover very quickly from any wounds he receives, even fatal ones, and it also slows his aging. Physically, however, he's much stronger than Wolverine, capable of lifting and throwing very heavy objects with little difficulty.


As a mercenary, Sabretooth lives for little more than earning money, and the pleasure of killing. Despite his animalistic nature and unpredictable rage, Victor Creed is a very crafty opponent, easily Wolverine's equal, although he tends to become very violent when facing an opponent who easily outclasses him, such as Superman.


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