Robert Kelly
Robert kelly
Species: Human
Relatives: Edward Kelly (brother)
Affiliations: U.S. Government
Project Cadmus
"Tell me, King of Atlantis: do all humans have such a pathetically bloated sense of entitlement, or is it just that one?"
General Zod[src]

Robert Kelly was a United States Senator who is vocally supportive on placing stricter control and restrictions on individuals with superpowers.


Robert was the older brother of Edward Kelly and a US senator. He was mildly described by his brother as an alarmist and that half of the more "extreme" measures issued by the United States government were likely inspired by Robert. One of the more notable cases was his response to the wake of the September 11 attacks, which Edward reminisced with Jean Grey that Robert had a "field-day" during the attacks.

In the wake of mutants exposed to the public, Kelly reiterating his view on superpowered individuals and was later critical on the non-government sponsored superhero team, the Justice League.


Senator Kelly is very narrow-minded, and acts very hostile towards anybody he perceives as a potential threat to the U.S national security. This includes the Justice League, and mutants in general.

Background informationEdit

In Marvel Comics, Robert Kelly is a prominent United States Senator who began his career on an anti-mutant platform, and as the X-Men team is made up entirely of mutants, his role tends to be that of an antagonist. However, towards the latter days of his career, he began to change his views on mutants as a whole. Unfortunately, Kelly's change of views led to his death at the hands of an anti-mutant activist.