Species: Human Mutant
Hair: None
Affiliations: Apocalypse
Abilities: Immortality;

Superhuman durability

Ozymandias is a mutant made out of stone and a loyal follower of Apocalypse.


Ozymandias had been Apocalypse's majordomo in ancient Egypt. When his master was imprisoned by his enemies, Ozymandias and Sinister escaped and sworn to freeing Apocalypse in the coming centuries.

In the early 21st Century, Ozymandias along with Mesmero and Sinister had been working in freeing Apocalypse from his tomb. Ozymandias was aware of Irene Adler's prophecy that concerns the superhero Superman and knew that there will be a great battle between his master and the Man of Steel; however, ever faithful to his master, Ozymandias dismissed Adler's prophecy as he disbelieves that Superman could be more powerful than Apocalypse.

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