Hair: None
Eyes: Red
Base: Warworld
Rogue of: Justice League, X-Men
Abilities: Master strategist and super-strength

Mongul was the unquestioned Gamesmaster of Warworld, an artificial world that provides brutal gladitorial games as entertainment to the known galaxy.


Mongul became Galactic Champion after beating Grae'Dol. Because of this entitlement, Mongul took controlled of Warworld with his private army and enslaving its warriors and turning Warworld's civilized competition into gladiatorial games in which its combatants fought for survival. To ensure that the fighters cooperate in the games, Mongul threatened to destroy their home planets with a planet-killing weapon. Mongul also makes further dealings in selling old gladiators to labor camps specifically affiliated to the Kree and Skrull Empires.

Superman and Mongul meet

Mongul meeting Superman.

Mongul was contacted by his colleague Ronan the Accuser and convinced into bringing Warworld to Earth and enslave the Kryptonian hero Superman to his deadly games. As Mongul believed that adding the Kryptonian to Warworld's roster would make him rich beyond his wildest dreams. He succeeded in not only capturing Superman but also Lobo (who had happened hired by Ronan to kill Superman), Cyclops, and Black Bolt. To keep Superman's powers under check, Mongul invested in adding a cosmic-ray filter to Warworld's shields, preventing the Kryptonian from taking advantage of his ability to absorb solar power. However, Superman and his allies undermined Mongul's games by ensuring to have the games tied and allowing the prisoners to be kept alive. The event of a tie would also have all bets refunded and thus draining Warworld's investment.

While Mongul pondered to deal with this problem, he was later contacted by a Courtier of the Skrull Empire, who request on behalf of Queen Veranke that Superman to be turn over alive to her in hopes of extracting Kryptonian knowledge from him. Mongul declined the proposal and instead compromised to send Superman over once the games are finish. Although, Mongul actually intended in having Superman being barely alive to counteract the Man of Steel's defiance and profit the entertainment revenue.

Mongul arranged his old rival Grae'Dol to fight Superman in the Final Conflict, where Mongul will personally battle the surviving fighter. Superman succeeded to become the last fighter without killing Grae'Dol and challenged Mongul, who had the winning advantage in beating a solar-exhausted Superman; however, the cosmic-ray filter was disabled by the Justice League and the X-Men, who infiltrated Warworld, and allowing Superman to regain his powers and furthermore sabotaging the planet-killing weapon. Mongul and his forces were beaten by Superman and the other heroes, and his fate was decided by the Man of Steel to be turn over to his embittered and vengeful gladiators. However, Mongul's life was spared by Grae'Dol and stripped of his title as Galactic Champion, and turned over to the Green Lantern Corps while Warworld is rightful befell to Grae'Dol.