Latveria is a small Southern European country that is ruled by Doctor Doom. Its capital is Doomstadt.


Latveria was a poor economic country ruled by a despotic monarchy. Early on, the country faced internal rebellion from the local peasantry, among them was a young Victor van Damme, who waged guerrilla warfare against the king's regime. The unrest was eventually crushed and peacetime reigned for several decades until the monarchy was overthrown by van Damme, who adopted his alias Doctor Doom. Under Doom's reign, Latveria was transformed into an economic powerhouse overnight and became one of the most competitive nation in the world, with one of the finest armed forces in Europe.


Latveria's military force compose largely of robot sentinels called Doombots. The country also has its own aerial navy, the Royal Latverian Navy, that is made up of a fairly large air-fleet and led by a super-flagship.