Real name: Cain Marko
Species: Human Mutant
Hair: Brown
Relatives: Charles Xavier (half-brother)
Rogue of: X-Men
Abilities: Superhuman strength, durability, and stamina
Juggernaut is a mutant with superhuman strength and extreme durability. He is Cain Marko and is the half-brother of Charles Xavier.


When his father married Charles' mother, Cain was violent and cruel towards his half-brother. For mistreating Charles, Marko's father beat him. Because of his father's physical abuse, Marko blamed his situation on Charles. At some point, Marko's mutant powers were mystically activated by the Ruby of Cyttorak.

Marko was sometime imprisoned in a S.H.I.E.L.D. Maximum Security Detention Center. He was later released by Mystique, who offered his freedom and vengeance on Charles in return in working for her in obtaining Cerebro; however, Marko rejected Mystique's offer by physically backhanding her and proceed on seeking his revenge. S.H.I.E.L.D. forces attempted to stop Marko with heavy artillery fire, but prove fruitless on his incredible durability.

Storm and Wolverine battled Marko in order to impede him. Marko overpowered them and stormed into the Xavier Institute and finally confronted his half-brother. Before Marko could land the killing blow, Superman timely arrived and engaged him. Although surprised by Superman's strength, Marko was madly impressed for someone who could actually hurt him and unleashed his full strength on Superman. Realizing that Superman was holding back his powers in order to prevent risking any harm to others present, Juggernaut mocked him for this until realizing that Superman was biding time for reinforcements from the X-Men and the Brotherood. The combined teamwork from the mutants and Superman removed Marko's helmet and allowing Charles to psychically subduing Marko. S.H.I.E.L.D. shortly arrived and apprehend Marko.

During the Sentinel/Brainiac crisis, Marko was later again freed by the Friends of Humanity, through the machinations of Magneto, and attempted to break a dam to flood a nearby town. The X-Men fought Juggernaut and managed to subdue him, but only for Marko to rejuvenate himself with a device gifted by Magneto. Fortunately, Juggernaut shortly comes into blow with Superman along with several other superheroes who teamed up with the X-Men in combining their attacks to finally defeating Marko.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Cain's powers originate from the Ruby of Cyttorak. This gives him superhuman strength and durability. True to his namesake, Juggernaut, he is practically unstoppable. His only known weakness is psychic attacks, but he counters this with a helmet that blocks them, although well-directed hits to the latches keeping it in place can cause it to come off. An opponent with enough physical strength, such as Superman, is still capable of hurting him with physical attacks.


As a teenager, Cain was shown to resent his step-brother due to the fact their parents seemed to favor him. This was worsened by the fact his father forced him to be nice to Charles and physically abused him.

As an adult, he became a man devoid of conscience or empathy, someone who took what he wanted and freely used his powers to do so, fixated on getting revenge on his step-brother.


Background informationEdit

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