Human Torch
Real name: Jonathan "Johnny" Storm
AKA: The Torch, Matchstick
Species: Metahuman
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Relatives: Mary Storm (mother)
Susan Storm (sister)
Reed Richards (brother-in-law)
Base: Baxter Building
Affiliations: Fantastic Four
Abilities: Fiery form that enables flight, serves as damage shield

Heat absorption

"Flame on!!"
―Human Torch's battle cry[src]

Jonathan "Johnny" Storm (aka the "Human Torch") is a founding member of the Fantastic Four


Johnny and his sister Susan Storm were present during the testing of Reed's quantum teleporter that was unknowingly tampered by Victor van Damme. After the teleporter was activated, it gave Johnny along with Susan, Reed Richards, and Ben Grimm inhuman abilities. He gained the ability to ignite himself, turning into a being of living fire.

Following the incident, Johnny along with his sister joined Reed and Ben as a team that became known as the Fantastic Four. Johnny immediately basked in his celebrity status as a superhero. He is considered the literal hothead of the team and developed a brotherly-like relationship with Ben Grimm.

Johnny and his team first encountered Superman while on the International Space Station in preparation to study a passing meteor shower. Superman helped the Four in repairing the damages to station caused by micro-meteor shower. In return for his help, Johnny and the Four aided the Man of Steel and the X-Men in rescuing Nightcrawler and Forge from the Middleverse. Thereafter, Johnny and his team learned of Superman's origins (in which Johnny earlier made a sarcastic, but correct remark that Superman was an alien) and agreed in keeping his Kryptonian origins a secret.

Powers and abilitiesEdit


Mutated by a malfunctioned quantum teleporter created by Reed Richards, Johnny can engulf his entire body in flames, is able to fly, can absorb fire harmlessly into his own body, and can control any nearby fire by sheer force of will. "Flame on!", which Johnny customarily shouts when activating his full-body flame effect, has become his catchphrase.


Background InformationEdit

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