The Green Lanterns of the Green Lantern Corps.

The Green Lantern Corps is an intergalactic military/police force. They patrol the farthest reaches of the universe at the behest of the Guardians, a race of immortals residing on the planet Oa.


The Green Lantern Corps were established thousands of years ago by the Guardians and served as an inter-galactic police force dedicated to protecting sentient life in every form. Officers are chosen for their ability to overcome great fear and given a power ring fueled by the strength of their willpower, the mightiest weapon in the universe. The Corps' headquarters is located centrally on the planet Oa .

The Corps maintained friendly relationships with the Galactic Confederacy and the people of Krypton; in which the Corps had helped the latter in enforcing the World-Gate network from being used in war or conquest. The Corps also played a key role in the Kree-Skrull War and prevented the war-mongering races from using the World-Gate network by shutting it down after Kryptonian diplomacy with the Kree and Skrulls deteriorated. Since then, the Corps established a form of forced alliance with the Galactic Confederacy to oppose either the Kree or the Skrulls together. Furthermore, the Corps enforced the Neutral Planets Treaty.