Green Goblin
Green Goblin
Real name: Norman Osborn
Species: Human
Relatives: Harry Osborn (son)
Affiliations: Sinister Six
Rogue of: Spider-Man, Justice League
Abilities: Superhuman strength, stamina, durability, agility and reflexes due to ingesting the Oz Formula;

Genius-level intelligence;
Skilled in hand-to-hand combat

Weaponry: Goblin Glider, goblin-themed weapons

The Green Goblin, real name Norman Osborn, is a super villain and the rogue of Spider-Man.


Norman Osborn is an amoral industrialist head of OsCorp and the father of Harry. Norman was committed to his company work, leading him to emotionally neglect his son. One of his major work was the the Oz Formula, an experimental performance-enhancing treatment, modeled after the World War II Super-Soldier Program that created Captain America. Osborn was present during the the last experiment when one of the Oz-canisters had leaked, which killed one of the researchers and trapping Osborn in the lab where he is exposed to the formula. The accident greatly increases his intelligence and physical abilities, but also drives him to destructive insanity. Osborn adopts the bizarre identity of the Green Goblin with the goal of becoming boss of New York City's organized crime.

Norman face

Norman Osborn

Under his persona, the Goblin began his appearance in breaking free John Corben in which led to his encounter with Spider-Man and [Daredevil]]. The Goblin escaped, but as well discovering Spider-Man's secret identity as Peter Parker, the friend of his son Harry Osborn. Osborn soon deduced that Peter gained his powers from an Oz Formula-infected spider that had escaped from containment and justified that Spider-Man is considered OsCorp "property". With this knowledge, Osborn confronted Peter on this information and blackmailed Spider-Man into assisting his crimes after he threatened the lives of everyone close to him. The Goblin's plan came into fruition with the release of his 'Sinister Six' and providing a crippled John Corben into transferring his mind into a Kryptonite-empowered robotic body, which Corben called himself Metallo.

However, the Goblin's plan soon fell apart when the Justice League refused to believe that Spider-Man had turned. During a meeting between the Goblin and New York's major criminal figureheads, the meeting was raided by the League. After Osborn was captured, the Martian Manhunter erased his memories of Spider-Man's secret identity to ensure that Osborn could be sent to prison without exposing the hero's secrets.

Powers and Abilities

Through his exposure to the Oz formula, Osborn possessed enhanced strength, speed and stamina, capable of standing up to Spider-Man in a fight (His comic counterparts possessed enhanced healing, but Osborn has had no reason to demonstrate this ability yet). He used a high-tech glider to fly around, and was also armed with pumpkin-shaped bombs and razor-sharp bats.


Background Information

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