Edward Kelly
Prinpipal Kelly
Species: Human
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Relatives: Robert Kelly (brother)
Base: Bayville High School

Edward Kelly is the school principal of Bayville High. He is the estranged youngest brother of Senator Robert Kelly.


Edward became principle of Bayville High in September 2008. He was present during the Brotherhood's interruption in Bayville's pep rally against the X-Men. In the ensuing conflict, Edward was saved from certain death by Superman. Edward was the last witness to have his mind wiped on the events by Professor Charles Xavier. Although Edward have vague memories of the X-Men and the Man of Steel who saved his life.

Edward's life was threatened again by Hank McCoy who turned into the Beast, but only to be saved again by Superman.

After mutants were exposed to the public, Edward was very divided on the issue on the public's belief that mutants were a menace to society. However, he truly believes that mutants and other superpowered individuals are not a threat given his experiences in seeing the X-Men and Superman saving people from harm.

In the following aftermath of the General Zod crisis, Edward made a impassionate speech at the 2009 Bayville High graduation regarding to the following year the world had endured and hope only for a better future. Two months afterward, Edward retired from Bayville High and decided to run for mayor.


Unlike his older brother, Edward has a more open mind that not all mutans and those with powers are a threat to the public, when he was principal he had made some strict rules to mutants not using their powers in schools. Not afraid to speak up on his opinions on a human/Meta-human cooporation, even after almost being assassinated by the Friends of Humanity to give his speech when running for mayor.

Background informationEdit

In X-Men: Evolution, Edward Kelly was served as a stand-in for Robert Kelly. In the show, Kelly harbored anti-mutant opinions. When the X-Men's identities became public knowledge, he was voting for keeping mutants out of school.