Black Bolt
Real name: Blackagar Boltagon
Species: Inhuman
Relatives: Medusa (wife)
Crystal (sister-in-law)
Base: Attilan
Abilities: Destructive hypersonic voice

Black Bolt, full name Blackagar Boltagon, is the ruler of the Inhumans.


At some point in the past, Black Bolt became the leader of the Inhumans. His powers is his voice, as his electron-harnessing ability is linked to the speech center of his brain. Speaking triggers a massive disturbance capable of leveling a city. Due to the extreme danger posed by this power, Blackbolt has undergone rigorous mental training to prevent himself from uttering a sound. As he cannot speak, his wife, Medusa, acts as an interpreter to his sign languages to communicate.

He met Superman and the X-Men when they came to the Moon to investigate what appeared to be the arrival of Brainiac - Nick Fury having sent the X-Men as S.H.I.E.L.D. was forbidden to travel to the Inhuman city due to their treaty with them -, mutants and Inhumans subsequently working together to stop a renegade group of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents led by Graydon Creed from stealing the Terrigen Crystals.

When Mongul came to Earth on Ronan's advice, he abducted Black Bolt along with Cyclops, Lobo and Superman to participate in his gladiator tournaments on Warworld. Due to the danger of using his voice in the confined space of the chamber - particularly when they were on a space ship -, Black Bolt remained silent until their allies staged a rescue, at which point he whispered the word "Enough", throwing back all of Mongul's forces and allowing him and his allies to defeat the warlord.[1]


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